Manchester Science Festival at MediaCityUK


Introducing the KAT WALK from KATVR. Something so unlike the cat walk that models grace in high-end fashion shows, and yet, as impressive on a completely different scale.

The 21st – 22nd of October the team from THE VR DEN and BEE VR connected to present the amazing equipment that we purchased from KATVR – the Kat Walk! It premiered at the Manchester Science Festival down at MediaCityUK, inside the University of Salford.

What is the Kat Walk?
It is an omnidirectional treadmill that uses Virtual Reality to deliver a more immersive experience.

In our set up, BEE VR provided a HTC Vive headset to pair with the Kat Walk.

We had an absolutely amazing response from everyone who tried it out! Constant queues and interest from the public were through the roof. We couldn’t believe just how well our audience received this machine.

Everyone who particpated were asked to fill out a survey, so that we could gather the feedback and see where we could improve. From comments stating that the staff were helpful and friendly, to the experience of such an incredible maching – we found close to zero negativity in their responses.

Who are BEE VR?
This was our introduction event where we worked together. We are going to be working on the upcoming Greater Manchester Tour 2017 this November through to December. Click here to find out more about the team from BEE VR.

As you may have read previously about our first event at Twenty Twenty Two in Manchester’s Northern Quarter, we had a decent response, but nothing compared to this weekend gone by.

Therefore we would like to share some insights about this highly successful event, and the huge benefits we received from it taking part in this free event.

Take a look at some of our customers enjoying the experience!


Look! We even received an awesome wood lasered sign. BEE VR kindly picked it up from Maker Space – specialising in 3D prints/lasers/scanners.

While many people were lining up for the KAT WALK, unfortunately it didn’t cater to those under 16 years old. Luckily, we had a room-scale set up beside it.  This allowed everyone to at least share in a VR experience.

Another thing that we noticed, was that on the second day of the event, people were returning from the previous day to have another shot!

We believe that  Greater Manchester is ready to embrace this futuristic technology. And as a result, we have gained a boost to our confidence in our company’s ambition.

We are more driven to deliver, more inspired to expand our horizons, and more involved in the local communities since the company began in May this year.  6 months of development and hard work down the line.

And finally, BRING. ON. THE. TOUR.